Heart Disease Remains the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide and is Increasing Post-COVID

Heart Failure (HF) is the fastest growing component

A Heart Transplant – the current “cure” for HF

  • Isn’t available for everyone (eg, children, elderly, women, minorities)
  • Only occurs in extremely sick patients
  • Depends on an available donor within 4 h of death
  • Requires immunosuppression
  • Isn’t a panacea

    • 15-20 % of recipients die the first year – immunorejection
    • 59% of recipients die within 10 years


With End-Stage Heart Failure (U.S.).

Waiting Daily

U.S. Only. Average wait is 213 days. Many don’t make the list.

3 in 1,000

Result in potential donor hearts.

20% of

Die within a year due to immune rejection.

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